Simon Crafar



"I was thinking how to find a manufacturer that would give me (a non-competitor) the same 1 piece suit of the highest quality that officially observed competitors would get. I wanted it to be made in the same factory, by the same people of the same materials. PSI is the manufacturer!"


During my years (1994 - 1999) at the World Superbikes and the World Grand Prix Championship, I did not realize that I had the privilege of wearing the best racing overall of a renowned world manufacturer. In 2011 however, I left the world championships and started my private project Motovud. I needed a company with leather overalls as a partner in my project and I was lucky to be able to contract one of the world's largest manufacturers. At the same time, I also understood that I was now in 'race retirement', and as such could no longer expect the same quality, protection and service from the manufacturer. This was concerning as I knew from previous experience that the hips could endure painful shocks on the curbs, and my new unofficial racing suit had very little protection in the most vulnerable places. Despite emailing and asking for specific adjustments, I had no response from the manufacturer, and was disappointed when my suit arrived the following year with none of the alterations I had requested. 

After such a disheartening experience, I wanted to find a company that could provide a high-quality service and offer bespoke options that would allow me to customise the garment to meet my specialised needs. I am delighted to say that PSI is the manufacturer!

Their jumpsuits are excellent products, offering quality options for for official racers. Their colour and design options are endless, and the repair and specification service guarantees their products can be worn for many years.

I had the pleasure of visiting the PSI workshop, and I saw for myself how precise the high-tech computer-controlled laser was able to cut the highest quality leather with vacuum plate fixation. I was impressed by the craftmanship, the quality of materials and the attention to detail.

The best part is that I don't get special treatment, they offer the same service to all customers :-).

Simon Crafar