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I have previously had three custom made race suits produced by various companies. These have been for road riding and track days. 
They were all the most uncomfortable suits I ever had, to the extent that I gave up on made to measure.
I have been using one piece race suits now for years, but never with a airbag. This had to change as everything evolves around increased safety. 
So I have looked at options of getting an Airbag vest, but wasn't happy to be attached to the bike. 
The best option for me was Alpinestars Tech-Air. I like the fact the Alpinestars system uses two deployments.
But it had to be made made to measure and customised to my business and Alpinestars do not provide this option unfortunately, unless you are Pro Racer. 
So back to square one.
Two years ago I met Michael from Vucann Limited official PSi dealer for UK.
He showed me a variety of suit designs and options to chose from, GP Custom spec, cowhide, kangaroo, body armour as well as explained how Tech-Air system works in race and road mode.
I got variety of choices and a good service all in one. This was exactly what I was looking for!


I went for GP Custom One Piece Race Suit with compatible Tech-Air airbag system and it's the best suit I've ever had. So comfortable from the first day and with the top level racing protection. 
I'm looking to get another GP Custom Suit from Michael. The beauty is I can use the same airbag vest in the new suit!
Top quality suits, great customer care and service.