Lewis Banks Ltd was founded in 2002 and has traded as GBRacing since 2007. During this period, we have established ourselves as the market leader in motorcycle protection products.

With nearly 100 years of engineering experience and expertise, this has had a significant benefit in the design and development of our product range to gain us the prestigious Federation of International Motorcyclists (FIM) accreditation and is now an FIM-approved product range worldwide. GBRacing is now considered by many of the riders, race teams and experts as the benchmark for motorcycle protection products. Our company culture has been key to this success and our employees work together as a team to produce the very high standards of quality and service that our customers enjoy.

The company has grown significantly in its very short life and we have worked very closely at the highest level of world championship motorcycle racing to develop, continually improve and enhance our product portfolio.

Our primary focus so far has been in the sports motorcycle market but moving forward, our mission is to offer an even bigger product range in other motorcycle sectors as well as the exciting opportunity and potential to grow our product protection philosophy into other retail markets.

Our expertise and leading 3D CAD software allows us to create original design concepts utilising the most advanced engineering materials and injection-moulding plant equipment available today. We have many years experience in design and development and are now sharing this technology with race teams. Our CAD system enables us to share 3D model designs with our customers, enabling them to rotate and inspect designs in detail prior to any prototyping. Our continued and growing commitment to the BSB, WorldSBK and MotoGP paddocks has enabled us to grow our product range with the insight and cooperation of some of the world's best teams and racing engineers.



Whether you are a novice or a competitive world class rider, our bespoke, personalised, coaching services maximise your potential. 
We take you to the next level by transforming your motorcycle riding techniques, improving your perception of speed, position and time.
That's why it's called ""
Your result will be:


Your day is designed so that you can benefit from all the years of my experience.
Your coach will be with you throughout the day, from setting up in the morning, to riding on track for all the available sessions and in the garage in between.
Once the bikes are prepared, we will sit down to discuss what you hope to achieve and explain the process of the day.
The first session is the opportunity to assess your riding. In each session, your coach will follow or lead you, providing demonstration on track.
The coaching bike will be fitted with front and rear cameras. After each session the footage is reviewed during the debrief.
We focus on what you do well as well as areas for improvement. Step by step, we present you with solutions, showing you what you will be working on next, and crucially, “how” so you can effectively apply what you are shown.
You will then have a specific plan for the following session. This process continues throughout the day.
At the end of our day, you can save all footage to take away with you for future reference.

This service is similar to the 'on track' coaching, the method is the same, however we observe your riding from around the circuit instead of riding on track with you.
We use your on board video footage during the debrief between sessions. This service is offered on any available track day, and for racers leading up to or during an event.



REACTIVE PARTS Is The UK’s Leading Motorcycle Performance Parts Distributor, Supplying Premium Equipment For Performance Parts And Accessories.

From Factory Teams In MotoGP, World Superbikes & British Superbikes, To Track-Dayers And Road Riders Alike, The Parts That Were Once Only Supplied To The World’s Top Racing Teams, Are Now Available For All.

Reactive Parts Ships Worldwide, With Warehouses And Offices In Hertfordshire, UK, Offering 24/7 Specialized Technical Support From Our Team Of Experts.

You Can Call Or Email Us About Our Product Ranges, Including Fitment And Set-Up Advise, Warranty Support And Returns. We Offer A Fast Global Delivery Service Meaning Wherever You Are In The World, We Will Take Care Of Your Needs.


SEATON TUNING, seaton-tuning

We are specialists in 4 stroke engine tuning and race motorcycle preparation. Whether you need performance products, full engine tuning, suspension set-up, Dyno services or crash repairs. We can offer a complete solution to your racing needs.

With a long list of victories Seton tuning race prepared bikes really do deliver the goods. We have won many racing titles over the years, including the MRO Supersport 600 title for three consecutive years. Why not see how we can help you?



HM Quickshifter is proud to offer the most advanced quickshifter systems available on the market. We use the latest technology available to produce our quickshifter to ensure the highest of quality and long life. More importantly, our design is based on listening to our valued clients and using their feedback to improve our products continually.

Our quickshifters are easy to use: it’s a plug and play system ready to be used out of the box. All it takes is this mechanism and a mere click of the foot when a rider is going full throttle to change the gears, without ever interrupting acceleration. Aside from increasing the performance, it also increases the fun for riders, with that intense sound of the full-throttle upshift. Our attention to detail combined with our passion for the motorcycle industry has contributed to making our company a worldwide leader in quickshifter technology, trusted by many racing teams around the globe.

Our helpful and knowledgeable team delivers the best customer service in the industry to ensure that our valued customers not only have the best products on the market but also an excellent purchasing experience. Our top-rated quick-shifters are available in a selection of different model, suitable for many types of motorcycle and brands. With a quickshifter, the process of gear shifting simplified even further.  The concept is the same as rolling off the throttle during clutchless upshifts but the process is much, faster and the throttle can be kept open all the way.

We’re very ambitious at HMQuickshifter, driven by a passion for maximising both individuals’ choice of motorcycle
performance and the overall riding experience, which is fuelled by a shared fundamental desire to win.



Trusted by local Government, airports, race circuits, supermarkets and businesses throughout the UK and abroad, we are the specialists in road marking, line painting, rubber removal, floor coatings, anti-skid, grooving and surfacing.

Our team has built a strong reputation for delivering fast, competitive and professional marking and surfacing services nationwide for many years. Please contact us for a quick quote or brochure.

Our Motorsport Division has been setting new standards in design for some of the most prestigious racing tracks in the world. From track branding and run off design to pit lane markings, car park painting, kerbs, paddocks and edge painting, Roadgrip are regarded as the experts in track marking and race track construction.



At Profibre we put quality first and use only the highest quality materials. Our products are made on site by experienced skilled craftsmen.

Profibre bodywork is made with woven material to keep the” weight down and the strength up”.

Profibre bodywork kits come complete with ¼ turn Dzus fasteners, and all mounting points are reinforced and predrilled.

We manufacture to conform to current A.C.U. regulations for oil containment.

Profibre was established in 2005 and have enjoyed racing success and had a profile at many race tracks in many championships throughout the British racing scene.



At SCMOTO we have a vision and goal to design, develop, manufacture and market innovative and bespoke, high-end performance parts and accessories to enhance your motorcycle’s aerodynamics, styling and appearance as well as highlight the owners individualism. We have a great passion and life time obsession for motorcycles and motor-sport. We are perfectionists,every detail of all the components, that leave the door of our factory, has been carefully considered. At our UK based factory we have facilities and expertise to manufacture products at consistently high level of quality. We only use best quality carbon fibre and kevlar materials because of its impossible to replicate unique and distinct appearance,unrivalled strength to weight ratio, flexibility for impact resistance and high temperature dimensional stability. All of our parts are a direct ‘bolt-off, bolt-on’ fit and require NO modifications to your motorcycle’s frame. Equipped with fitting instructions you won’t require any extensive knowledge nor a degree in engineering to install them. They are hand build on site to the highest standards to ensure high quality and durability for a maximum customer satisfaction.



Our passion
WRS staff is composed by Motorcycle's riders who love everything with an engine. Thanks to their experience they will guide to install the best and most suitable products for your needs.
WRS Production
We developed also WRS production of windscreens and ergal parts for motorcycle. Our R&D department use high technology machines and software to get the best quality products. More Information >

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