Kristina Mickute



Being a woman rider is difficult enough, but being a shorter rider makes it almost impossible to find a good race suit. Being 5'2, I have struggled to find a suit that met the standards I required. I approached a few well known race suit manufacturers to enquire about having a customised race suit created with a compatible air bag system. The quotes were ridiculously expensive (one quote was enough to buy a brand new motorbike), one company told me that they do not even bother making suits for women.


After a year of research, I eventually found PSI and their UK dealer Vulcann LTD, owned by Micheal Palffy. It was an absolute pleasure dealing with Michael and designing my suit with PSI. I wanted a suit that would fit well, included my sponsors logos's and was feminine. The results are amazing! I have been using my made to measure cowhide and kangaroo suit with a Tech Airbag System for over two years now and I absolutely love it. I can wear it all day on track and not get tired. I feel much safer riding and unique enough to stand out in the paddocks. I wish it made me quicker though.  :)