Ian Norris



I club race in Thundersport, EMRA and also love a Euro trip away with friends. After a few crashes, the last one braking my collarbone, it was time for a new set of leathers, I got researching.
Decision made, I wanted an airbag suit, however I quickly discovered this area is an absolute minefield. Everything seemed to have its pros and cons, what I found was there was no one system that seemed to match what the pros use.
After a lot of research and checking the specifications, I decided to go with the Alpinestars Tech-Air system.
I wanted a custom made suit and looked at all the usual manufacturers. I wasn't struck by any of them, then I found PSI Hubik. PSI offer suits that you can buy in the same specification that is actually used in Moto GP, for me this was the one. If you are going to invest in your safety and protection you may as well buy the best you possibly can.
This is when I discovered Michael Pallfy and Vulcann Limited. Vulcann are the UK distributors for PSI, they could offer me exactly what I required, a full custom made to measure suit with the Alpinestars Tech-Air system fitted. Micheal offers a service that is simply just not offered by other manufactures or retailers.
On first contact I explained my requirements, Vulcann set straight to work with the designs and I must say I was impressed straight away. We got the suit designed. (with Michael taking care of even the slight detail changes that I required, the man has real patience) Next step was we met up and Micheal went through the complete make up of the leathers and to be honest I was blown away. Even with out the airbag the protection they offers is a whole new level and every detail is thought through. These leathers are not mass produced and you can tell every details just says perfection.
The suite was then to be made and this was effortless from my point of view, three weeks from me giving the nod the suite was with me. At first the suite felt a little tight but Micheal had all ready said that it would, my worries that the suite would feel bulky with the airbag were not needed, straight away I could tell that once loosened up they would be perfect. On track they feel great and absolutely no restrictions. I had a little problem with the armour/ padding in the knees, a phone call to Micheal and this was sorted straight away the service is just spot on.

I can say is if you want the best that money can buy and the most perfect service Micheal and Vulcann are 100% the go to people. I just wish I had found them sooner, it would of saved me a huge amount of wasted research hours. I found perfection