Damon Rides



I have had a few serious crashes on my track days in the pursuit riding faster and finding my limits. My body was feeling beat up and I needed/wanted more apart from the leathers and boots to protect me.

I looked into the airbag technology, which left me looking at a couple of market leaders with a few options - Dainese/Alpinestar, both offering more of what I wanted.

I wanted a suit with an airbag and an airbag that was removable or transferable, which lead me to Alpinestar.

I wanted a suit that was more custom to me, which lead me to PSI who can offer an Alpinestar airbag inside of one of their MTM custom suits.

At PSI they offer a one-stop shop to design and supply a suit and airbag with a good range of options - custom design, kangaroo leather, Kevlar stitching, custom logos and all of the Alpinestar technology already fitted into the suit for a plug and play airbag system.


There are two types of airbag options you can go for - the street version or race version. The race version in my opinion is the best option for everyone as it can be used as street or race version, however the street version is not transferable.

Street version = 1 deployment

Race version 2 deployments

This being said if you put the race version into street mode you will only get one deployment as both canisters would go off at once.

Once you are out of deployments you need to post the suit to PSI to get checked, the information about crash taken off and the airbag system gets tested and re-gassed. They then post it back to you, which can normally take a few weeks depending on the time of year and as if it is race season.

So far since owning the airbag system it has deployed 3 times and not deployed once. When the airbag deploys - you don’t seem to feel it but as you are tumbling down the track you hardly feel anything on your upper body so you know it’s doing its job.

The 3 separate times it has deployed - I had crashes at different speeds ranging from 30mph to about 120mph and I do feel lucky to have had it on in the high speed crashes (one of which I landed on my head knocking me out for 45 minutes), as I came away from the crash with no upper body injuries - only leg ones.

The one time it did not deploy was a low side when I lost the front, the reason behind it not deploying is that you are already off the bike leaning over close to the floor and it cant tell the moment you loose the front so seem to hit the floor without the airbag going off.

I do see airbags now that have a lanyard attached to bike but most times I hit the floor I’m still on it so it still wouldn’t have deployed anyway. Once I started to tumble it did deploy but some would say it’s to late by this point but I feel it’s still better than nothing.


The airbag itself at first just feels the same as having a back brace on and after a while you don’t even know your wearing it – it is not restrictive in any way and has the invisibility I like.

When I’m riding on the road I normally wear my 1-piece leathers so I use the same airbag on the road. When using the airbag on the road it has the ability to go off on impact even if someone hits you. The integrated LED indicator on the suit gives me information about if the airbag is on, needs charging and how many times its gone off.

Overall I must say - this suit may have been one of my best decisions I have made in regards to protective items I have purchased. It is not something I have regretted and feel everyone should have one as standard. If you want a suit that has an airbag that is not visible, and is transferable to compatible suits; a PSI Alpinestar tech-air is the way to go.