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Product Overview

TECH-AIR®5 is a self contained airbag vest system. Designed, primarily, for use on a motorcycle. ALPINESTARS have developed a unique system offering unrivalled protection. Software driven. Allowing unrestricted movement. High speed inflation. Working through self contained sensors independent of GPS communication. Very user friendly with easy operation. After inflation the system protects the entire upper body shoulder, chest, rib and back areas. TECH-AIR®5 can be used under any motorcycle jacket, containing either expansion panels or enough additional space for the additional 4cm around the circumference of the body to accomdate vest inflation.

 Advatantages :    

  • Independent of connection to the motorcycle.
  • Electronically activated in a risk situation,
  • Superfast inflation (20-40 ms dependent on size)
  • Reacts even at a standstill (an impact into the stationary motorycle)
  • One simple, portable, easily transferred system – suit/jacket
  • TECH-AIR® APP monitors system status and driving data
  • Service within 10 days at the PSI factory

Fitment :  unisex


(No reviews yet) Write a Review