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Product Overview

The TECH-AIR® airbag system is an exceptional product offering the highest possible levels of protection, as developed by ALPINESTARS. System firmware controlled. Does not restrict user’s movement. Super-fast deployment inflation. Works with accelerometer and gyroscope technology, requiring no GPS communication. User-friendly features allow the unit to be configured from RACE to STREET mode to suit riding style. TECH-AIR® system is directly installed in a compatible suit or jacket. After rapid activation, the inflated bag provides protection to the entire upper part of the body, collar bones, shoulders, chest, back, kidney area, upper abdomen, partial hip coverage.  RACE mode offers dual activation possibility (Except XXL size). In STREET mode, the system operates even when not moving (e.g. being hit by another vehicle whilst stationary). The TECH-AIR® airbag system may only be used together with a compatible suit or jacket (approved models of PSí HUBÍK or ALPINESTARS motorcycle apparel manufacturers).

Benefits :    

  • No physical attachment to the motorcycle
  • Triggers electronically in risk situation
  • Superfast filling (< 45 ms)
  • RACE/STREET mode option
  • Dual charge capability in RACE mode (Except XXL size)
  • Reacts when stationary in STREET mode (being hit whilst at standstill)
  • Simple convenient system in compatible suit/jacket
  • Service within 10 working days at the PSI factory

Versions :  Unisex


(No reviews yet) Write a Review